White Paper


Bitcoin DX (BCDX) is an open source cryptocurrency on it’s own independent blockchain. It is a hard-fork of Bitcoin Core 0.22 and built to be feature-rich, reliable and secure.

Max Volume21,000,000,000
Block Rewards59,931.00
Target Block Interval4 Minutes
Difficulty Interval18 blocks
Halving Interval105,120 blocks

Economic Sustainability

8,400,000,000 BCDX have been pre-mined in order to curb immediate demand, which means 60% of max volume can be mined.

The algorithm used to form a homogeneous economy is this:
24_HOURS*6_BLOCKS_HOURLY = 144 blocks per day * 365 = 52,560 blocks per annum * 59,931 BCDX = 3,149,973,360 BCDX mining rewards per annum / 105,120 block halving interval.

This formulae is very desirable for blockchain miners as it will incentivize reward earnings for up to 80 years, reaching volume cap.


Bitcoin DX underlying blockchain infrastructure is designed securely across several geo-redundant data centres with a 99.5% uptime SLA.
This will ensure funds are secure and accessible at all times, 24 / 7.

Blockchain Difficulty

Difficulty readjustment target is 1.2 hours ÷ 4 minutes target block interval = 18 blocks. If 18 blocks are generated in under 1.2 hours then blockchain difficulty is increased based on the current network hash rate and vice versa.


Bitcoin DX uses the following TCP ports.

Main NetTCP8333
Test NetTCP18333
Sig Net TestTCP38333
Reg TestTCP18444