Patch Released :: v22.0.10


Bitcoin DX has now been upgraded to version 22.0.10. This cumulative update addresses several issues, namely difficulty adjustment window has been reduced from 2016 blocks to 18, making mining easy.

This is a mandatory patch; we advise upgrading your wallets, seeds & nodes immediately.


Official releases can also be found on Github.

Windows ServerDownload
Mac OS XDownload
Mac OS ServerDownload
Linux x86_64Download
Linux Server x86_64Download

How To Upgrade

This is an in-place upgrade.
Close your current BitcoinDX Core, remove your old executables and replace with v22.0.10.

Your current wallet and all your funds will remain intact. It is recommended to backup up your wallet prior for safe measure.


-Changed chainparams.cpp nPowTargetTimespan to 1.2 hours.
-Changed chainparams.cpp nPowTargetSpacing to 4 minutes.
-Fixed python test/fuzz to match correct sum of spendable outpoints.
-Updated manuals.
-Appended checkpoint at most current block 36920
-Appended MAINNET checkpoint at block 37061.
-Fixed consensus.MinBIP9WarningHeights in TESTNETS.
-Tidied up code by omitting irrelevant commentary.
-Reverted COINBASE_MATURITY to 100. This will protect the blockchain from orphaned blocks in case of unintentional forking.
-Fixed TIME_GENESIS_BLOCK with correct value.

-Appended checkpoint at block 37209.
Reverted the following variables in chainparams.cpp to default in an attempt to resolve issue #2:
-Fixed contrib/signet/miner intervals to match new target block interval of 240 seconds.
-Fixed checkpoints in chainparams.cpp by appending prefix "0x" to all hashes.